1. What is your Return Policy?

Don’t like the color of your Shamaks? Wrong size? Or you simply don’t like the way they smell? – Don’t worry, Shamak will provide you a full refund within 30 days of receipt of your order – no questions asked!

2. How long will it take to break my Shamaks in?

Since Shamaks are made out of premium leather, it will usually take 5-6 days of wearing them to really break into them and have the sandal mold to the shape of your foot. It is not uncommon for you to feel discomfort the first few days of wearing them. We recommend waiting it out until the sandals molds to your foot, or soak the leather sandals in water and wear them until they dry out- though this may damage the leather.

3. How much does shipping and handling cost?

Shipping rates are calculated through our UPS shipping system and vary state-to-state.

4. Does Shamak ship internationally?


5. What does 'Shamak' mean?

Shamak means 'to make peace'.

6. What forms of payment does ShamakSandals.com accept?

ShamakSandals.com accepts Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover and Paypal. We do not accept checks or cash at this time. PLEASE NOTE that we only accept one form of payment per order.

7.  What is Paypal?

PayPal is a fast and secure online payment method that lets you pay with one single login in thousands of websites. You can choose to use PayPal at ShamakSandals.com for a convenient method to complete your order. Simply follow the easy steps during checkout. You can set up your PayPal using your debit and/or credit card(s).

For more information, visit PayPal.com

8. Can I cancel an order once it has been placed?

In an effort to get our shipments to our customers as quickly as possible, your order cannot be cancelled or modified once it is placed. If you have entered an incorrect shipping address, please contact us immediately.

9. Will Shamak be introducing a vegan sandal?

Yes, Shamak is currently in production of an all-vegan sandal with an expected debut in our Spring 13' line.

10. How long does it take for my order to ship once it is placed?

All orders are processed and delivered at your door step in 6-8 business days. If your order is taking longer than the expected time, please contact our customer care team and we will solve the issue at hand. 

11. How does Shamak ensure that each sandal purchased helps to send a needy child to school?

Shamak partners with a wide-range of NGOs across the globe to provide either textbooks, uniforms, or need-based scholarships for each pair of Shamaks sold to those most in need. Check out our Leaving a Footprint video and page at www.shamaksandals.com/pages/leaving-a-footprint for more info. If you have further questions, please email us at info@shamaksandals.com and a Shamak representative will get in touch with you shortly.